18 - 20, Junio 2019


Accra, Ghana


SWIFT African Conference 2019


SWIFT African Regional Conference 2019


Enabling the digital economy

The 26th edition of the SWIFT African Regional Conference will take place on 18-20 June 2019 at the Kempinski Gold Coast in Accra, Ghana.

We’re excited to bring ARC to West Africa.The region is fast-growing, fast-moving, and holds some of Africa’s most influential economies.

This year’s agenda will look at how Africa’s financial industry is evolving. The international payments landscape is undergoing significant change as disruptive technologies enter the payments market and put pressure on traditional banking practices.

Regulatory scrutiny around KYC and AML and changes in consumer and client behaviour are also forcing the industry to review traditional banking models.

Day one at ARC will look at what’s driving change in Africa’s financial industry.

Stimulated by technological growth and new entrants, the world of international payments is experiencing considerable pressure for change. The banking sector is facing these challenges head-on, developing a new, more innovative and dynamic payments landscape.

Day two will look at the tools that the financial industry is developing to deliver change to customers.

Managing risk in financial institutions has never been more complex. As cyber-attacks continue to evolve and increase in frequency and sophistication, cyber security has become a major area of attention and investment.

Complying with the large number of global regulations that aim to combat money laundering and terrorist financing is also a challenge for the industry, both in terms of costs and resources.

Our final day at ARC will look at how financial instructions are managing risk in an increasingly digitised world.

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